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Our designers have worked on a variety of spaces from New York City to Monaco.

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brand strategy &

Talent management

Whatever stage you’re at as a social influencer, we can help. Upload helps YouTubers, Twitch broadcasters, presenters, podcasters and other online personalities with day-to-day business management and brand development. So, you can concentrate on doing what you do best. Creating.

Brand and business development

Your brand is everything, and we take a business like approach to ensuring it reaches its full potential. Upload Agency can help you in all aspects of developing your personal brand, from  collaborating with other influencers and building your social media plan to aligning with the right lifestyle brands and even creating . You may just want advice on how to be more media friendly. We’re experts at this and we’re on hand to help you as you grow.

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We're a full service management agency

Part of our rapid growth in the space is because we understand the strains of the industry better than anyone else, and we have tailored our services to cater for the nuances of the modern creators requirements

Accounting and Logistics
Event management
Commercial agreements
Diary management

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